Dr Ayesha Akbar understands your desire to a youthful skin

Dr-Ayesha-Akbar-understands-your-desire-to-a-youthful-skinUsually when people initiate to observe the signs of aging on their face such as wrinkled skin and the growth of jowls. A smooth, PRP non-surgical facelift can fulfill the youthful appearance you once had

This is a great announcement for patients who are seeking to achieve their youthful appearance, but who are not yet ready for a full facial plastic surgery.

Meeting up with non surgical treatments will shape your face, tighten the skin and cleans out the appearance of wrinkles, creases and lines. As these are the noninvasive techniques, most of these treatments show up quick results without the recovery usually associated with the traditional facelifts

The concept of non surgical facelift can be a bit confusing one because cosmetic practices define it differently. In reality the non surgical facelift can actually refer to a number of different procedures

The non surgical facelift option that Dr Ayesha Akbar, MD offers at her Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa are;

Liquid face lifts

This takes advantage of theĀ  injectable dermal fillers, that helps to revive the volume and stuff up the sunken areas of the skin, plumps up lips and smooths wrinkles. The results of dermal fillers are quick and remarkably satisfying and will last from 6 to 18 months, however, it depends on the injectable filler you choose

Ultherapy Facelift

Ultrasound method is used to penetrate deep down the superficial surface of the skin and provoke collagen, tightening the skin for a more youthful appearance. The results can be seen immediately, with optimal results showing up in 3 months

CO2 laser face lift

Exfoliating skin also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and tightens your skin as well

How a Non Surgical Facelift is good for me?

A non invasive facelift is a remarkable way to have a toned, smooth look to your face, at the same time improving the quality of your skin and boosting confidence without undergoing the knife. It is vital to take note, what are your expectations with the non surgical facelift and what are the actual results. Since the results of most of these cosmetic procedures are quick, they last for a couple of years and patient suffering a severe sagging should consult for which is the most suitable option. During your consultation with Dr Ayesha Akbar, MD she will devise the best and the most suitable option for you to achieve your desired results

Who can be a suitable candidate?

Dr Ayesha Akbar understands that many of us like a tighter and glowing, youthful skin, and are not willing to go under the knife

If you are worried about the after effects of surgery of a traditional facelift, non surgical facelift options such as Ultherapy or Dermal Filler could be an excellent option for you.