Non surgical facelift methods have widely grown in popularity

Non-surgica-facelift-methods-have-widely-grown-in-popularityNon surgical facelift methods have widely grown in popularity with the increase in new technology and modern products. A non surgical face lift concerns generally a combination of non-invasive injections or laser procedures that together results in overall facial rejuvenation. Commonly the non surgical facelift is also called liquid facelift or lunch time facelift. Without surgery, a patient cannot achieve a long lasting tightening result, however, you can experience potential facial rejuvenation with a number of these non surgical methods

The most suitable candidate for a non surgical face lift are one with minimal to moderate signs of aging. Younger patients usually begin non surgical facelifts as a remedy to avoid the signs of aging as soon as they began to appear

There is no one size that fits all when it comes to non surgical facial rejuvenation. Patients generally come in for a detailed consultation with Dr Ayesha Akbar. MD to discuss their respective concerns. At the time Dr. Ayesha Akbar will make recommendation considering your condition and will offer suggestions and treatments that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Since the procedure is relatively quick, you can advance with treatment right at the moment or come back at a date after evaluating your options

Numbing medications are generally applied 20 minutes earlier in the beginning of the actual procedure. Some most recommended injections for a non surgical face lift are voluma, that helps restore volume in the mid-face

Juvederm and Restylane are used to fill fine lines and wrinkles and Botox is taken advantage to paralyze the muscle activity in the forehead the area encircling the eyes. Other methods that can be used are Artefill, Radiesse and Dysports. Most of these non surgical face lift injections contain Hyaluronic acid that is a natural component of our skin and is relatively safe to inject

Areas commonly treated by Dr Ayesha Akbar, MD for Botox are the forehead, between the brows, crow’s feet and around the eyes. Voluma is the modern injectable and a thicker form of Hyaluronic acid, hence it performs remarkably in restoring the lost volume in the mid face that is reduced by the natural process of aging. The volume non surgical face lift lasts more than two years, which is relatively higher than any other non surgical procedure

Other areas treated by PRP non-surgical facelifts are the laugh lines around the mouth, typically with Juvederm or Radiesse as well as sunken areas under the eyes. Dr. Ayesha Akbar, MD takes advantage of the thinner formula to treat the sunken areas under the eyes