Planning a fruitful successful weight loss management

Planning-a-fruitful-successful-weight-loss-managementDo you think you need a weight loss, or have you been thinking about  working with weight loss management program? You are not alone, more than 70 percent of the US adults are overweight or obese. Many of them try to lose extra pounds by adopting to a different sort of weight loss management plan. Many of these plans are advertised aggressively. Are they safe and effective for you?

In this article you will come to know how to choose a plan that may help you lose weight safely and keep it off from coming back. You will also get trained in how to discuss with your health care professional about your weight loss management

As a matter of fact, as we age, we also face problems such as obesity and most among us consider it as an inevitable part of aging. At the Midwest anti aging and Med Spa Dr. Ayesha Akbar, MD a board certified Age management specialist will help you make lifestyle modifications , or if only modifications are not sufficient to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, you might need to consider a weight loss program and other types of treatments

Where should I get started?

Discussing with a health care professional about your weight loss management has been the first yet most essential step. Some physicians may not discuss issues such as healthy eating, physical activity and weight management during your routinely visits. You may need to ask these questions yourself. If you feel shy talking about your weight, note your questions with you and practice discussing about your concerns before your visit. Keep focus on working with your physician for a better health and not only weight loss

What should I seek in a weight loss management program?

To achieve and maintain a healthy weight over a longer period, you need to take note of your overall health and lifestyle habits, and not only on what you eat. A fruitful weight loss management plan is to build up healthy behaviors that help you lose weight without any risks to health, the plan is quite easy that you can practice it every day and help you maintain a healthy weight

At the Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa Dr, Ayesha Akbar, MD has devised  an attainable, healthy and fruitful  weight loss management program which involves

  • Cognitive behavior therapy, also known as the lifestyle counseling, that can help you how to build up and stay motivated with healthy eating and physical workout habits, such as calories intake and calorie burns records
  • Knowledge of getting enough sleep, overcoming stress and the perks and flaws of weight loss medicines, ongoing evaluation, supervision and support throughout the program either with visits, by phone, online or by blend of approaches
  • Slow and steady weight-loss goals
  • A plan for keeping the weight off