Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Frankfort, IL

Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Frankfort, IL

There is a gradual decline in the level of testosterone in all men as they age. This natural decline starts around age 30 and continues through life.

Many men however, experience a lack of testosterone production sufficient to result in significant symptoms. This will have applied to approximately 50% of men by the time they reach age 55.

Testosterone is the hormone produced by the testicles. It is responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics. It also modulates the dilation of the arteries, promoting the circulation of blood and is responsible for the maintenance of muscle bulk. Without an adequate testosterone level there can be important psychological effects such as loss of libido (low sex drive) reduced brain and intellectual activity and mood changes. Low levels of testosterone may result in an increase in central and upper body fat, a decline in the amount of muscle in the body and a decline in strength. Osteroporosis which may lead to hip and spinal fractures may also occur. The bone marrow is less active and produces less hemoglobin and red blood cells which transport oxygen around the body.

Testosterone Replacement can help manage overall health

Lack of testosterone can also be a cause of high cholesterol levels. Depressed mood, anxiety and problems associated with concentration and memory are associated with low levels of testosterone. Heart disease may also be linked to low testosterone levels. The aim of treatment is to normalize the low level of testosterone in the blood stream by returning the blood testosterone level to a more "youthful" level. Side effects are rare as it is the deficiency of testosterone that causes the symptoms. While there is no evidence to suggest that testosterone replacement therapy causes prostate cancer, it should never be given to patients who already have prostate cancer. Tests for the presence of prostate cancer must always be undertaken prior to treatment.

Testosterone abuse can lead to serious side effects like heart attack, liver failure, enlarged prostate, and stroke. Proper dose monitoring is essential. During treatment, the doctors at Midwest Anti-Aging will make sure your levels of testosterone are closely monitored and doses are adjusted accordingly.