Body Sculpting Treatment Solution for Men & Women in Frankfort, IL

Body Sculpting uses a modified combination treatment solution. This is an advanced technique of permanently removing excess fat deposits in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is called tumescent (which means to "swell") because the physician fills and swells the fatty areas to be removed with large volumes of special solution before the procedure. This solution completely numbs the area due to the effect of local anesthetic, therefore general anesthesia or heavy intravenous sedation is not required. At the same time, a substance called epinephrine constricts the blood vessels, reducing bleeding to negligible amounts. Fatty deposits are then removed using small straw-like tubes called cannulas connected to a large bulb syringe.

It is called body sculpting because the trained physician is able to artistically sculpt the body into a new shape using delicate instruments. Besides the obvious increased safety of the procedure being performed totally under local anesthesia there are other significant benefits. You can cooperate with the physician by changing position so the areas can be more easily seen and multiple areas can be treated during the same session. Plus the finer instruments that are used in the tumescent body sculpting technique allow the physician to target specific areas with accuracy and control never before possible.