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If you’re looking for the best med spa in your area, visit Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa! Our facility has many of the sought-after skin treatments like laser treatments, PRP injections, and more. We understand your desire to feel confident and happy about how you look. Our clinic approaches your problem areas understanding that you don’t just want to look better: you want to feel better.  We are empathetic and will listen to your concerns carefully, no matter if you’re searching for laser therapy or microdermabrasion.  

Best Med Spa Near Me Offers Microdermabrasion

As a popular treatment for acne scars, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles, microdermabrasion has many benefits that you’ll appreciate. This widely applicable procedure can be used in many locations on your skin and relieves you of unwanted skin problems. Using a microdermabrasion machine, our physicians will gently scrape away your skin to minimize stretch marks and fine lines while boosting your skin’s vibrancy. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Reduces mild to moderate acne
  • Heals skin from sun damage
  • Makes pores look smaller
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation

If you’re interested in microdermabrasion at our med spa, give us a call! We’re willing to answer any questions you may have. We can also schedule an appointment to examine whether microdermabrasion is right for you, or if another treatment would work better. We have plenty of med spa treatments that can remove acne scars and sunspots. Some treatments include collagen induction therapy and cold laser therapy. We’re sure you’ll see significant improvement no matter what treatment option you choose!     

Med Spa Near Me That Offers Hormone Therapy

At Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa, we believe your inner beauty and health are just important as that on the outside. We provide the latest treatments for hormone imbalances in men and women. Hormone therapy is a safe and effective way to treat complications brought on by the natural hormone imbalances we experience as we grow older. Here are just a few of the many problems you may face:

  • Hot flashes
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Hair loss

Given how uncomfortable hormone imbalances can be, your best option is to speak with one of our doctors. We’ll explain the many treatment options available at our med spa. For instance, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a natural way to relieve your symptoms. These hormones are derived from natural sources rather than being created using synthetic materials. Many patients notice a relatively fast improvement in their symptoms after beginning treatment. However, a bit of trial and error is necessary in some cases. We can always change your dose so you receive the relief you need. Reach out to us today to see what we can do for you!

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When you’re ready to receive high-quality treatments for unwanted skin problems or hormone imbalances, reach out to us. Our physicians are happy to help you age comfortably. With many treatment options and procedures available, we’re sure you’ll find something that helps you. Simply give us a call today!

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