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Med Spa Services in Frankfort

Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa believes that beauty is more than skin deep. Our experienced physicians want to bring out our clients’ inner youthfulness and energy. That’s why we strive to enhance the features you already have using nonsurgical, smaller-scale cosmetic treatments. We offer a wide variety of med spa services in Frankfort that deliver high-quality results that will transform you into a more confident version of yourself. 

The Best Med Spa Services in Frankfort

Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa provides a luxurious experience that gives you results you’ll love! Whether you’re here for injectable dermal fillers, microabrasion treatments or laser hair removal, we’re sure you’ll love your results – and the experience. As a medical spa, we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable as you receive your beauty treatments. We’re confident you’ll have the best med spa experience you deserve. All of our treatments are nonsurgical and are virtually painless procedures with little to no downtime, meaning you have nothing to stress about. A more beautiful you is waiting for you at our med spa.  

Best Frankfort Med Spa Offers Dermal Fillers 

At Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa! Our team of experienced physicians provides the best wrinkle fillers and collagen injections in the area. Don’t let fine lines and scars get you down. While common, these conditions are easily and quickly fixed with dermal fillers or other rejuvenating treatments. There are many ways to improve your appearance as we offer many popular medical spa treatments. Here’s some of what you’ll find at our restorative medical spa:

  • Acne Treatments: We offer many treatments for acne and surgery scars. Try a microabrasion facial for healthier-looking skin. We also offer platelet-rich plasma treatments, known as the Vampire Facial. This rejuvenating skin treatment injects your own blood into your skin to induce collagen for acne scar treatment and more. PRP therapy is an excellent option for skin youthening. 
  • Injectables: We do collagen injections for plumper, younger-looking skin. Our injectable treatments for wrinkles include Botox, PRP therapy, and dermal fillers. You can also get lip and under-eye fillers for an even more enhanced look. Visit us and see how we offer the best med spa experience in Frankfort!
  • Laser Facial Rejuvenation: As you age, your skin’s damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays starts to show. A great way to undo this damage is by getting a photofacial, which is a laser treatment designed for your face that can minimize dark spots, wrinkles, and liver spots caused by sunlight exposure. Laser facial rejuvenation tightens your skin and calms red spots on your face, improving your skin tone and complexion. Best of all, there is no surgery required and only a short recovery period!  

Feel Your Best With Our Med Spa Services in Frankfort

If you’re ready for beautiful, youthful skin, give us a call! Our physicians are experts when it comes to anti-aging treatments. We’ll help you get beautiful skin using painless, noninvasive treatments. Contact us to schedule a visit with our doctors. We’ll help you determine which of our med spa services in Frankfort are right for you. 

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