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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the services offered by Midwest Anti-Aging and Med Spa

What does Midwest Anti-Aging offer?

Midwest Anti-Aging offers a variety of Weight Loss programs, Body Sculpting, Cellulite Reduction Massages, Laser Skin Tightening, IV Nutritional Therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Facial Chemical Peels, Botox, Microdermabrasions, Juvederm, Radiesse, Aqua Detoxification, Skin Lite Therapy, B-12 injections, Latisse, Micro Needling.

Who are the physicians?

Ayesha Akbar, M.D. (Endocrinologist) and Khaja Asadullah, M.D. (Geriatrician, Internist), are board certified in Age Management Medicine. The duo has proven that patients can attain wellness and a youthful vitality through hormone balance and preventative medicine. Midwest Anti-Aging Center is a product of their combined expertise in ati-aging, hormone therapy, weight loss and detoxification.


What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the elimination of toxins from the body that we are exposed to externally from the environmental sources and internally from products generated by daily cellular processes. Your liver is the main player in detoxification. The products are designed to give this organ, as well as other tissues, nutritional support for the detoxification process.

Why do I need to detoxify my body?

We are all exposed to toxins in the foods we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Our body produces toxins not only in the process of digestion and elimination, but also when we are dealing with stress. The goal is a cleansing, regenerating process that nutritionally supports your body’s overloaded or compromised detoxification systems, allowing them to begin functioning more proficiently.

How long do I need to remain on the Detox?

Length of detoxification matters on each individuals health goals. People usually experience benefits within 4 weeks of following the program. Together, you and your healthcare practitioner can decide to continue program as is, or to modify the program for a longer period of time.

What is the purpose of taking Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar helps stimulate circulation and support detoxification in the liver. The unique acids in apple cider vinegar combine to the toxins to help the body eliminate the toxins more effectively.

Can I take my daily supplements along with Detoxification?

Since these products contain selected nutrients, your healthcare practitioner will recommend which supplements will and will not interfere with the program.


What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) HCG mobilizes abnormal fat and releases it as a source of energy and nutrients. It creates significant fat loss and body re-contouring. HCG eliminates food cravings, resets your whole metabolism, and targets mainly the storage fat areas.

How long are the HCG programs? What is the average weight loss per program?

6 week program-average weight loss is 20-30lbs. 12 week program-average weight loss if 25-35lbs

What is included in the HCG weight loss plan?

Plan includes, history and physical, vitals, whole body analysis, B12 injection, initial consultation with physician, detoxification and either 3 or 6 weeks of HCG.


What are Facial Chemical Peels?

Chemical Peels reduce fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone, lightens pigmentation, helps hydrate and soften skin, and removes dead skin cells.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Side effects include stinging, redness, tightness and peeling of the skin for about 2-3 days after the treatment.

Is there anything I should avoid doing during the healing process?

Following the Derma Quest post skin resurfacing program, you should avoid sweating, heavy exercise, hot baths/showers and having your hair colored for 3 days following the Chemical Peel.


Why IV Nutritional Therapy?

Majority of patients who are ill have significant nutritional deficiencies, especially as they get older. There are many reasons but one of the most significant is food sensitization. They have considerable intestinal irritation on a cellular level. They may develop malabsorption secondary to gut irritation at some level. IV therapy is the way to begin some patients on the road to recovery.

Are nutritional supplements just as efficient?

Even multivitamin and mineral pill may not absorb well or be enough to overcome transport barriers across cell walls. It is possible that unless specific nutrients are injected directly into your venous system, you will never be able to overcome your deficiencies.

What are the uses of Myers IV cocktail?

Uses of Myers cocktail: Fibromyalgia. Fatigue, Asthma, Headaches, Inflammation, Allergies, Detoxification, Mood disorders, Anxiety and Depression, Spasm and Irritability, Hypertension, Injuries and Auto-Immune.

How do I know which cocktail is for me?

Your healthcare practitioner will discuss any concerns prior to mixing a cocktail. Cocktails vary for each individual.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend 6 weekly treatments followed by one monthly treatment.

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