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My business, life and health have all been improved by hormone replacement treatments at Midwest Anti-Aging. I am in a better mood, I have more energy, I am also sleeping better! I feel Midwest Anti-Aging is focused on getting you healthy to avoid future health problems. I have told friends and family about their services. I share my experience to hopefully persuade friends and family to get healthy and feel better.


I have been a patient at Midwest Anti-Aging for 2 years now. I was at first very skeptical of the Biote pellets but wanted to help increase memory, mode, how I feel about myself and libido. I am very please with my results. I feel confident, younger and healthier and more connected to my husband because of it. I would recommend this service from Midwest Anti-Aging.


Biote has given me back my life, in such ways as energy, not feeling ups and downs of midlife.


I have had three insertions so far of Biote pellets, hormone replacement. The first one provided me with the best results! Hot flashes, sleep deprivation went away after about 3-4 weeks.


Listen, ladies, I have been to every med spa out there, and this place is a hidden gem in Frankfort!! Their prices first off are what drew me in, then the icing on top is that these are doctors (not nurses) and they are very knowledgeable on all the services they provide. I have been to some of the most expensive dermatologists and cheap pop up Med spas, and this is a place I wish I would have found years ago! I was on a mission to find a place with good prices and good results and knowledgable people. Now just so everyone is clear on what I’m about to say, this place also operates as an appendage of their main practice, which is internal medicine (thyroid, hormones,etc.) so they are in the middle of separating the two offices. So it’s is a little weird when you walk in to be sent to the lower level for your Medspa treatments. But don’t be fooled by this process because they are growing their business, and I have no doubt that once the word gets out, this place will be crazy busy and have great reviews!


Dr. Asadullah is a very thorough physician who cares deeply about his patients. I would highly recommend him!!!!


I’ve been going to Dr. Akbar for about 3 years for my Hashimoto Thyroid Disease. She is an awesome doctor. She listens and WANTS to help you feel your best! I would definitely recommend her!


After 17 yrs with others, we finally found The Best Endocrinologist out there!!


Dr. Akbar has helped my entire family- 6 of us for over 10 years. She has found issues that we had gone to top docs, and they couldn’t find! I must have sent 50 people I know to her, and she has helped them with many issues! Also, she knows exactly what vitamins to put you on! I feel better than ever! I can’t believe lower stars from people!


I have been a patient with Dr. Akbar since 2004. Her approach is to help her patients eat better and make better choices to improve their health. I am grateful for her straight forward no-nonsense approach!


I had a great experience with Dr. Akbar and Dr. Asadullah. I let them do their magic and my face is rejuvenated. I look 5-10 years younger.


When I came here, I was very sad about how I looked and felt about myself. Every day when I put my clothes on, I would see how big my stomach was. I was going to work wearing big shirts that were covering my unzipped pants. I would be so depressed because I felt old before my time. I was not happy and would not smile, and I love to smile. After I had my procedure done, all I do is smile! I feel better, I can fit in all of my clothes, and most importantly, I look good. People cannot believe that I am 51 years old. My coworkers do not ask if I am pregnant anymore. All they have to say is that I look great. Midwest Anti-Aging has really built up my self-esteem!


I have been with Midwest Anti-Aging’s Weight Loss and Management program. The changes have been tremendous; I have lost 60lbs! I would encourage people who have tried other weight loss programs to try Midwest Anti-Aging. Not only do they have good people, they are fast and efficient, plus you see results from the programs! I have been on every diet that there is. I have found success with the lifestyle plan that the doctors have constructed for me. It is not a miracle, but what you put into the program in terms of effort and following the plan.


I am very happy with the results. I lost weight that I never thought could ever happen!


Thanks to MWAA! Through their weight loss program, I have lost over 90 pounds and continue to maintain my healthy weight. The physicians at Midwest Anti-Aging created a comfortable environment that was critical in reaching my goal weight.


I’ve been going to Dr. Akbar for my Hashimoto Thyroid Disease for over 5 years now. She listens to your symptoms and finds a solution to make you feel better. She truly cares about her patients.


I drive an hour to see Dr. Akbar, and I look forward to it because she has helped me tremendously. I have recommended her to many of my friends who are also willing to drive the distance. She’s a terrific physician and brilliant person.

Felicia Felix

Thank you to Dr. Asadullah and Dr. Ayesha Akbar for helping me with my weight loss goal! I am very pleased with my results! I highly recommend The Midwest Anti-Aging Clinic to all my friends for all of their weight loss and anti-aging needs.

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